Not doing as much as I’d like, I don’t own a TV, I read but not enough, I write, but not enough. I wish I could surf or snowboard, or was Laird Hamilton. Always wishing I was back in Hong Kong. Longing for travel, except on the rare occasion that I’m not. Currently working on a documentary – What is Hope? and doing a bit of athletic training. Generally ON THE GRIND.

This is really just a log of things that I find interesting and aesthetically pleasing, readings and music that touch me, speak to me. Anything that I find myself looking at or listening to and saying, “Oh shit” or “Wow”. Things that officially take my breath away don’t really get shared with anyone, so it’s the level of like or love right below that, that I will post to the site, if that makes sense. Random, not too private, thoughts I’m sure you don’t care about but need to get out of my head. Writings, travel logs, musings, ideas – you get the picture.


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