Si Scott

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Thought I would bring back an old post I did for d/visible magazine about Si Scott. There’s something about illustration, especially black and white, that is really doing it for me lately.

Si Scott: Illustrator, designer, typographer

Si Scott is among the most notable of the freelance design creatives today. Very much in demand, his work has appeared in Massiv, Computer Arts Magazine, advertising for Casio and The Royal Academy of Arts’ 2006 Summer Exhibition. Drawing since he was very young, Si attended Leeds College of Art and Design where he developed his love for designing his own typefaces. He then went on to Buckinghamshire Chilterns University where he began to expand his methods of expressing himself through graphic design. He has held posts with a number of exclusive London-based studios, including Frost Designs and is currently a part-time lecturer at Leeds College. His work can be found at and

Where’d you get such an interesting first name?

My first name is short for Simon – not that interesting really I know. Everybody always calls me Si so it’s just second nature to call myself it. There’s quite a funny story though – My Mum and Dad agreed on Edward Benjamin Scott for my name. My Dad went to register my name on his own and called me Simon instead! No wonder they got divorced!

How would you describe your working process?

My work process normally begins with an idea a thought around whatever it is that I am planning to do and then I generally have an idea in my head of what it is I want to create. Normally though things change as I work on them and things just happen.


It’s almost as if the type bursts open and the contents come flowing out in the form of the line drawings. How did this style come about?

I don’t really know how this style came about – I think it is may be down to both my love of type and drawing and trying to do something that is a happy juxtaposition of the two. I like the idea of doing something quite traditional like hand drawn type and doing something with it that is more contemporary!

I’ve read that music is one of your biggest influences. What have you been listening to lately? Are there songs that you find you come back to over and over again?

I love music and apart from Design it is the one constant in my life that I never get bored with. There’s always something else to discover that you haven’t heard before (which is like design in many ways – it’s always changing and new things happening!). I think my dream job would be to direct a music video or something like that for a band or musician that I really like. There’s too much music to list what I like and I would just frustrate myself by forgetting things and then wanting to change it later – so I’ll just say there’s too many to mention.

What question, besides the standard ones you’re always asked, do you wish someone would ask about your work?

I honestly can’t think of any question that I wish somebody would ask me! I’m just quite chuffed that people want to ask me questions about my work anyway!

What would you suggest to someone who wants to take up your craft, schooling, apprenticeship, studying and practicing on their own?

I saw a quote on an Anthony Burrill poster which read ‘WORK HARD AND BE NICE TO PEOPLE’ which really struck a cord with me for some reason! I think it sums up the best way to be in whatever you choose to do! I don’t think there’s any one way of getting into design you everybody’s story is different – just stick at it I guess!

Interview by d/visible contributor Courtney Walker Visit her blog.

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