I love this video. LOVE.

Ernesto Sirolli, ‘Want To Help? Shut Up and Listen!’


30 Days of Gratitude

After doing a 30 Day Help-A-Thon, where I tried (unsuccessfully, mind you) to help a different person, everyday, for 30 days straight, I thought maybe 30 Days of Gratitude might be in order. We often, at least I do, get so caught up in moving forward, in what we want and don’t have, that we can lose sight of what we already have and what’s in front of us, what’s important to us right now. So…

30 Days of Gratitude start today.

Day 1:
In honor of Julius Shulman, who seemed like a wonderful, optimistic and grand spirit (of course I watched Visual Acoustics and yes, I cried at the end, tearing up now) – I am grateful for the creatives whose spirits drive them to illuminate that which we may otherwise never see, that inspire us, that touch us – sometimes grazing ephemerally and other times enduringly so, often in spite of themselves.


There’s so much to do in this life and some of it requires being known by many. The implications of that are often overwhelming for someone like me – perhaps overwhelming is not the correct word. Unseemly. It feels a little dirty. Selfishly my shell is frequently my favorite place. More than rarely I feel that anonymity, not toilet paper or sliced bread, is  humanity’s greatest invention. Hmmm.

Listening to: Thinkin’ Bout You   (Ryan Hemsworth remix) – Frank Ocean